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Breaking the Islamic Fast in the Bogor Cathedral

May 8, 2021

Through its capacity-building and collaborative governance approach, MADANI contributes to strengthening government accountability and communal tolerance.

Each of MADANI’s 32 districts has selected one thematic area: in the City of Bogor in West Java, the selected theme is religious tolerance. Bogor has a history of tolerance but has during the past decade become more intolerant. MADANI support a local CSO, BASOLIA, “Interfaith Social Agency” to promote interfaith dialogue and promote communal tolerance. On May 4, 2021, BASOLIA organized in the Bogor Cathedral in collaboration with the Bishop of Bogor and other Catholic and Islamic leaders, community leaders and interfaith representatives an Islamic breaking of the fast during the present fasting month. The activity began with a tausiah, an informal Islamic sermon, promoting values ​ held by all religions with a message of peace where the values of humanity and togetherness must be maintained in order to create a tolerant and harmonious society. The participants then proceed with breaking the fast together and the Muslims performed the evening prayer in the Cathedral.