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MADANI Facilitates Cross-learning Between Civil Society Organizations in Banten

Jun 28, 2021

PATTIRO is MADANI’s Provincial Support Partner in the province of Banten. USAID-MADANI support one provincial civil society organizations in each of its targeted six provinces to provide capacity support to Lead Partners CSOs at the district level to accelerate MADANI’s interventions, with a focus on advocacy, networking, peer learning, and replication.

On June 1-2 2021, PATTIRO Banten held a virtual cross-learning workshop with the four Lead Partners CSOs in the province. The goal was to share challenges and good practices in order to increase the capacity, legitimacy and sustainability of the CSOs through cross-learning and peer exchanges. Strengths and weaknesses of each of the four organizations were identified. For instance, MADANI Lead Partner PPSW Pasundan in Lebak is relatively strong on organizational development, but is weak on strategic communication. YDMI in the City of Tangerang, on the other hand, has a very well-developed communication strategy but is weak organizationally. PATTIRO Banten will facilitate cross-learning between the two organizations. Other best practices identified are Aisyiyah in Serang, that has a strong track-record of fund raising, and FOPKIA in the District of Tangerang that is built on a tradition of community voluntarism. Several similar types of support and peer exchanges between CSO partners were identified, and is presently being finalized into PATTIRO’s technical assistance and peer exchanges.