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USAID MADANI strives to improve the capacity, legitimacy, and sustainability of civil society, towards a strengthened government accountability and social tolerance in Indonesia through technical assistance and funding to district level Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to positively affect decentralised democracy and good governance .


In a dynamic democracy like Indonesia, the three cornerstones of democratic society – government, the private sector, and civil society – should be equally strong and vibrant. The United States and Indonesia partner to safeguard democracy by building capacity among civil society organizations and supporting their sustainability.

Since 1998, Indonesia has made remarkable progress to promote democratic systems and has improved the delivery of public services and civic participation. CSOs are valuable representatives of citizen interests, particularly at the local level, though many need improved organizational management, technical expertise, accountability, and sustainable financing and financial management. The United States and Indonesia are committed to supporting a strong and vibrant civil society in order to safeguard democracy.

MADANI is a five years USAID/Indonesia-funded initiative to improve local civil society’s capacity, legitimacy, and sustainability to strengthen government accountability and community tolerance in 32 selected districts and cities in the provinces of Banten, East Java, West Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, West Java and Central Java. By supporting sub-national CSOs (“Lead Partners”), MADANI provides assistance directly to the organizations best positioned to positively effect decentralized democracy and good governance.

Using financial support and professional technical assistance (TA), USAID-MADANI empowers Lead Partner CSOs to become more effective by improving their operational systems, expanding their constituent and stakeholder reach and relevance, and building up sustainable means of mobilizing financial resources, including from the government and private sector. USAID-MADANI facilitate improved collaboration between local governments and CSOs by promoting the benefits of partnerships and improving enabling environment that promote collaboration. Partner CSOs are encouraged to expand networks by leading learning forums and partnering with other CSOs to promote better frontline service delivery, facilitating more effective citizen participation in community consultations like the Development Planning Forums and the Village Assembly, and combating the spread of disinformation and hate speech that promotes intolerance. MADANI has also developed a virtual technical assistance platform (the Knowledge and Innovation Hub or Simpulmadani in Indonesian) that contains assessment materials, tip sheets, capacity building modules, and other resources, including linkages to national and provincial level technical support that CSOs can use to power their own development.

The MADANI Approach and Building Blocks:

Lead Partner

Support Study

Special Intervention

Technical Assistance

Mainstreaming Cross Cutting