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USAID-MADANI Local Partners Represent Civil Society in Government Five-year Planning

May 22, 2021

As part of its engagement with local government, MADANI Lead Partner CSOs and Learning Forum members is starting to influence local policymaking by providing input into policy drafting, such as the Medium-term Regional Development Plans (RPJMD) and Development Planning Forums (Musrenbang).

In late May 2021, MADANI Lead Partner CSO in The Wonosobo Local House, Central Java (KITA Institute) and Barru, South Sulawesi (Yayasan Daun Hijau) were invited to the final signing of the completed RPJMD in Wonosobo and District Musrenbang in Barru, signing off on two documents on behalf of civil society in the district. This was the culmination of a series of interactions during February-April 2021 in which MADANI partners provided input into the two planning documents, with a focus on improved basis service delivery, inclusion of vulnerable populations, and religious tolerance. The enclosed photo is from Wonosobo on May 21 2021, and shows the Executive Director of KITA Institute, Mr Bayu Surya Andika, signing the Wonosobo RPJMD, flanked by (from left to right), the Wonosobo Police Chief, the Wonosobo Army Commander, Wonosobo Regent H. Afif Nurhidayat, the Wonosobo Deputy Regent, and Deputy Chair of DPRD Wonosobo