ICSF 2021
Poster ICSF 2021
Building on the success of the first Indonesia Civil Society Forum (ICSF) conference in 2018, USAID-MADANI will in collaboration with Indonesian civil society organizations, the Government of Indonesia and other development partners host the second Indonesian Civil Society Forum on March 24-25, 2021 on the theme of “Civil Society, Public Accountability and Anti-Corruption”.

The ICSF is envisioned as an annual civil society forum to discuss issues and support for civil society and CSOs in Indonesia, including at the sub-national level, convening Indonesian organizations, practitioners and development partners for networking, knowledge sharing, and acknowledgement of innovations and best practices.

Due to COVID-19, the ICSF 2021 will be fully online during two half-days. The format will be a combination of keynote speeches, moderated panel discussions, and facilitated breakout sessions. The estimated number of participants is two hundred and fifty.

The theme on the first day of March 24 is “The Role of Civil Society in Fighting Corruption”. An active and empowered civil society is imperative in the fight against corruption and abuse of public powers. A strong civil society helps to strengthen Indonesia’s democratic consolidation and fight against corruption, in collaboration with state institutions. The second day of March 25 will focus on the Present and Future of Civil Society in Indonesia. It is imperative that a vibrant and independent civil society is supported as a key pillar of Indonesia’s democracy. However, during the past years, a certain stagnation in civil society has occurred, and Indonesia is declining in international democracy ratings, with a rise of “uncivil society” and recent challenges to freedoms of association and expression.

Detailed documents can be found here:

  • Agenda in English and Indonesian
  • ICSF2021 Briefs in English and Indonesian
  • Session Brief for the first day’s Panel Discussion on The Role of Civil Society in Fighting Corruption in English and Indonesian
  • Session Brief for the second day’s Panel Discussion on Present and Future of Civil Society in Indonesia in English and Indonesian
  • Guidelines and detailed rundown for the Panel Discussions in English and Indonesian
  • Guidelines and detailed rundown for the Breakout Session in English and Indonesian.

Session Briefs for the ten Breakout Sessions in Indonesian


Breakout Session Indonesian
Group 1: The Role of Values and Community Resilience in Preventing Corruption Session Brief 1 Role of Values, Indo.pdf
Group 2: Maximizing the Use of CSO Networks and Resources for Anti- Corruption Session Brief 2 CSO Networks, Indo.pdf
Group 3: Public Information and Accountability in Fighting Corruption Session Brief 3 Public Accountability, Indo.pdf
Group 4: Anti-corruption efforts during COVID-19 Session Brief 4 Anti-Corruption during COVID-19, Indo.pdf
Group 5: Women, Youth and Anti-Corruption Session Brief 5 Women and Youth, Indo.pdf
Group 6: Civil Society Responses to Intolerance Session Brief 6 Civil Society Response to Intolerance, Indo.pdf
Group 7: Inclusive Community-Based Initiatives in Responding to COVID-19 Session Brief 7 Inclusive Civil Society Initatives responding to COVID, Indo.pdf
Group 8: Innovations in Collaborative Governance: Building New Partnerships Session Brief 8 Collaborative Governance, Indo.pdf
Group 9: Strengthening the Operating Space for Civil Society Session Brief 9 Operating Space for CSOs, Indo.pdf
Group 10: Innovative Civil Society Financing Session Brief 10 Innovation in CSO Funding, Indo.pdf